Landscaping from A to Z in Minnesota… that’s Afton to Zumbrota

A passion for creating emtionally evocative environments for your life.Landscaper Landscaping Landscapes…   Repetitive and redundant, just a bit… but Hey,  you found us! Welcome to Switzer’s Nursery & Landscaping, Inc.   We are an Award Winning Full Service Landscape Design/Build company with a passion to create emotionally evocative environments for your life.   Switzer’s is located just eight miles north of Northfield on MN State Highway 3.  We have been there since 1926. While we love the World Wide Web, the internet can provide some challenges… like how do you find us when you get a million results in .23 seconds? With that in mind we’ve created these blog postings to help the search engines.

Creating a Grand Sense of Entry with a Cedar Arbor

Creating a Grand Sense of Entry with a Cedar Arbor

We service anyone that shares the passion for creating works of ART to live in.  But, our primary area is the Twin Cities, the South-Metro and South-Eastern Minnesota. We will be adding cities to the list below as we go along.  If you don’t see your city yet don’t worry we’ll be there shortly.  You can send us an email if you’re not sure and we would love to work with you!

Landscaper Landscaping Landscapes… in a city near you!

Landscaping in Afton….

Landscaping in Apple Valley…

Landscaping in Burnsville….

Landscaping in Empire

Landscaping in Farmington….

Landscaping in Lakeville….

Landscaping in Northfield

Landscaping in Rosemount….

Landscaping in Zumbrota…..

About Glenn!

Glenn! is the Sr. Landscape Designer at Switzer's Nursery & Landscaping, Inc. located in Northfield, Minnesota Switzer's is a National Award Winning Landscape Design/Build firm with a passion for creating Life Enhancing Living Environments. Glenn's love of art, architecture, music, travel and food fuel his creativity. The interpretation, creation and enhancement of SPACE are at the core of Glenn’s design philosophy. Understanding the relationship between the inhabitant and their environs, whether in the natural or built landscape, is paramount to finding balance in life. Elected to third term in 2010 as Mayor of the City of Dundas, Minnesota landscaper, stone waller, inn keeper, photographer, cook, gardener, alpine ski instructor, and collector of stuff... to name a few.
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